Remains of Bolivian pilot found frozen and intact 20 years after going missing

11 Nov

In spirit with my recent trend for blogging about slightly ridiculous things that have happened in South America, such as fire hurricanes, plane crashes and the black death, I figured I would quickly post this new story from Bolivia this week. The thing I really like about this story is the fact that the body was so completely frozen that it ended up ripping in half as they pulled it from the plane. No longer do cartoons or plain ol’ TV shows seem so stupid for showing people snapping in two after getting a bit frozzen.

The corpse of a Bolivian pilot was found in the country’s snow caped mountain tops east of its capital, La Paz, 20 years after a plane crash, local media reported Wednesday.

Benjamin Pabon Galindo died on October 19, 1990 after crashing a plane while transporting meat from Bolivia’s northern Amazonian region of Beni to La Paz. Apparently, due to technical failure and severe weather conditions, the plane crashed into the Huayna Potosi mountain.

Carlos Pabon, the pilot’s father, spoke on a local TV network on Wednesday, saying the body was found intact and still wearing original clothing. However, the body was completely frozen, and while rescuers were pulling out the body out of the pilot seat, it tore in half.

“In a mixture of joy, tears, and pain, we received my brother’s remain,” Miguel Angel Pabon said. “At last, we will have a place where we can offer him our prayers.”

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