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Down at the Farm

28 May

The time has come to roll up my sleeves, grab a hoe and get to work, which is exactly what I have been doing. After 3 weeks in Uruguay, I headed to Buenos Aires for the weekend before hitting the farm; Granja Las Ondinas to be exact. This past week has brought with it the best and worst of meat eating.


The Buddy Bear World Tour

21 May

The United Buddy Bears, after starting life in Berlin, and travelling through Istanbul, Vienna, Sydney, Seoul and a few other destinations in Europe and Asia, have finally arrived in Montevideo. Who thought it would have taken so long?


Where are all the people?

17 May

Seriously, where are they all? Uruguay takes a little getting used to. There is only one speed here and it doesn’t involve the use of any muscle. The streets are invariably empty. I am told that people tend to stay at home unless they have something to do, and seeing as there is not a great amount to do, they tend to stay at home quite a lot. There are a few exceptions though:


Yerba mate

13 May

I have finally been seduced by mate.

The conversion has taken a little while but I always knew it was coming. The communal drinking ritual and price a fraction of coffee or tea always made this inevitable.


Travelling to Uruguay

10 May

They took my scissors and cheese sandwich as I passed through customs. I’m not really sure they understand the nature of swine flu.

As with most people travelling from Buenos Aires to Uruguay, I am making a stopoff in Colonia. A beautiful World Heritage Site town; a Bob Ross interpretation of colonial Uruguay, probably not aware of it’s aesthetic kinship to Portmeirion. I could then go on to say how the place resembles ‘The Prisoner’ tv series more so than Portmeirion itself, the eerie shell of a colonial era, a town full of menacing history ala Salem, the echoes of day-to-day life ringing around the crumbling edifices. This would in fact be a load of horse shit.


Buenos Aires, why don't you want me?

6 May

After 4 weeks in Buenos Aires my initial writing habit has begun to whither. There are a number of reasons for this:

  • the appearance of Paynod & Rach

Okay, there’s just one reason for this, but it’s a good reason. Time has been occupied by parillas, football and and a wide variety of housemates. Most notable impact has to go to this fella: