It’s impossible for me to avoid, every day the same thought permeates through my head, like a dog spying up another tree, it just will not go away. What’s for dinner? This is the most important question I ever have to face. It’s a question I will never become bored of, unless perhaps someone placed me in Outer Mongolia for a year with nothing but a fishing rod. In England there is no doubting the fine array of ingredients on offer which make this such a tantalizing experience, the pick of Indian, Jamaican, Mexican, Italian, Polish and Greek, to name just a few types of food, can be mustered up with just a few trips to the shops (in the case of Sheikhs in Sneinton, Nottingham this can all normally be done in one shop!) However, there is something unbelievably exciting about turning up in a grocery shop and seeing exotic fruit after exotic fruit, and vegetables of so many different types of colour, hairyness, spikyness, dirtyness and aroma.

It’s great fun picking out different fruit and veg that you might not have tried before. It’s amazing how much is out there that you may not have even seen before, let alone tasted. I could probably spend hours starring at the different things you can find and imaging what they might taste like.

It’s one of my favourite things about travelling and one of the things which makes trips to countries such as Brazil and Ecuador so exciting. The experience is less so in Argentina and Uruguay where they get far too European with their palette, but you can be sure to find great food served on your plate, whether the finest meat, pasta or some form of deep-fried pastry delight.



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