Brazil and Argentina Travel Tips

Iguazu –> Buenos Aires

The best way to travel from Iguazu to Buenos Aires is without a doubt using Via Bariloche. There is not much to see between Iguazu and Buenos Aires, so don’t worry about taking a load of little buses. Just take the direct bus. There are a number of options for this bus. For me, the best way has to be using Tutto Letto. This is the fully-reclining bus. It’s a little more expensive than the others, about 10 Reais, but will be well worth it in the end. Three seats to a row, meaning there’s loads of space, good quality tv screens, big, comfy seats, option to fully recline plus the bonus of having drinks delivered straight to your chair. This includes whisky, wine and beer. Nothing quite like a whiskey before bed to have a nice snooze.

Buses in Brazil

Just a quick recommendation – this is a good site for booking buses in Brazil:

Sao Paulo –> Florianopolis

A good bus company for making the trip from Sao Paulo to Florianopolis is Catarinense. Not the best bus in the world, but plenty of room and a pretty swift journey.

Argentina –> Uruguay

Most people tend to go from Buenos Aires to Montevideo using Flecha Bus. A good alternative, which is also roughly the same price, is to use the border crossing between Salta in Uruguay and Concordia in Argentina. If doing this, the easiest and cheapest way is to do it in stages. Get a bus from Buenos Aires to Concordia, then get one of the local buses from Concordia to Salta, before getting another bus to Montevideo. The local bus that I used to cross the border was one of the easiest border crossing experiences of my life. There was only 4 people on the bus. When we got to the crossing the bus driver took our passports jumped behind the desks and then ushered us through. Our passports were stamped in a matter of minutes. Then we got back on the bus. One good thing about this way of crossing the border is that allows for a stop-off in Uruguay in Tacuarembó or Paysandú. Most tourists only ever travel to Colonia and Montevideo. These only give you a one-sided view of Uruguay. Salta, Tacuarembó and Paysandú are far more authentic haunts and will give a far more genuine side to Uruguay, plus you will get to see plenty of gauchos. Never a bad thing!

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