Uruguay is much-maligned by its neighbours Brazil and Argentina, who speak more fondly of their own attractions despite the fact that many of them choose to spend their holiday’s on Uruguayan beaches rather than their own, but also by its own inhabitants. I don’t believe I’ve met one Uruguayan who hasn’t been surprised by the fact that I chose to travel to Tacuaremb√≥ and Treinta y Tres before Rocha and Punta Del Este, with most people reacting with “why did you go there?”


The crucial difference here is the modesty of the Uruguayans against the more arrogant views of their neighbours. It’s the mentality of the big countries against the small, of which Uruguay is one of the most smallest. This has its advantages; it means the country is able to maintain its heritage while also allowing the Government to react quicker to the needs of the people and has resulted in some forward-thinking policies.

It’s for these reasons that I love Uruguay, along with the football traditions and the relative calm of the cities. Montevideo is unlike any capital I’ve visited, manifesting a serenity where I can easily sit and pass the time.


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