On the Road to Find Out is a blog by Russell Slater. I started it as a way of writing about my travels across South America. As I started to enjoy writing more and more and people started writing some comments I thought I should get it a bit more organised. Now there are pages for all the places I’ve been as well as my main obsessions; food, football and music. These will feature all my articles on each topic as well as a few helpful resources. That’s the plan anyway!

I am the editor of Sounds and Colours, a magazine about South American music and culture, which is where I can generally be found whiling away the days. I am also the Music and Travel editor for both UruguayNow and BrazilianLiving and write regular articles for PopMatters, Drowned in Sound and Matador Travel.

I have previously written for Museyon, A Different League, Brazzil and Vagabond Journey.

I designed this website, as well as a number of other sites. To find out more about my freelance web designs please go to THG Creative.

Please send any feedback or comments to [email protected]

Please send any feedback on the design or functionality of the website to [email protected]


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