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walking around in my pants

6 Jan

It’s taken me a little while longer than I wanted to wake up from this haze. As stated before, Buenos Aires is dangerous over the Christmas period, especially when you’re sleeping on the floor in a mosquito breeding ground, being consistently woken up by a Brazilian ‘meditating’ in the adjoining room and a crazy Dutchman who doesn’t seem to realise that stepping on someone while he’s sleeping is not entirely necessary.

I’ve been in Montevideo now since late on Friday night and have been in my new apartment since Sunday. It’s the first time I’ve ever had a place to myself and found it very easy to slip into the regime of walking around in my pants the whole time. It does help that I’m on the eighth floor and also that the temperature is excruciating at times. I’m not sure I would get away with this behaviour in Sneinton. I have no doubt Chardonnay would have already started shouting abuse at me by now and that maybe even Terry would have begun to question my judgement.

It’s so nice to actually have a job right now that doesn’t involve solely designing a web site. Actually means that I have the impulse to get out there and do some research. I am in charge of writing about football and music for the new site, as well as writing a few hostel/bar reviews. Any reason to go out for a beer basically.

At the moment we just have a holding page, but soon it should be something quite nice indeed I hope.

Right, now I need some sun! Ciao!