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In Caracas: Mourning The Death Of Hugo Chavez

15 Mar

These photos were all taken around Fuerte Tiuna, a huge park and monument near the Banderas bus station in Caracas. This is where the Military Academy is based, the location where Hugo Chavez’s body was in display following his passing on Tuesday 5th March. His coffin arrived at the academy on Wednesday, followed by a parade of people which put Caracas to a standstill. In the first few days of his coffin being on display over 2 million Venezuelans arrived to see their former President, with a queue that has been estimated at 7km long. In total, his body was on display for 10 days before being moved to the Military Museum on the evening of Friday 15th March.

Fuerte Tiuna

Viva Siempre Chavez!

Chavez Merchandise

The quantity of Chavez memorabilia is quite incredible…

Soy Chavez

Typical Chavista

Chavez! Chavez! Chavez!

More Chavez Gubbins

Chavez The Toy

Water Delivery

Free water, oranges and juice were handed out to the people in the queue.

Chavez De Mi Patria

Colombia to Venezuela: A Popular Route

6 Mar

I met Waes on a bus going from the Colombian border to San Cristobal, a smallish Venezuelan town that acts as a gateway into the country. He moved here with his family quite a few years ago as he couldn’t pay for his mother’s medical bills in Colombia. In Venezuela even special treatment is much cheaper. He doesn’t agree with everything that Chavez has done – such as appropriation – but he feels he has undoubtedly done more good than bad. It’s for certain that he wouldn’t be able to dream about owning his own import/export business if he had had to pay for his mother’s treatment.