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Nuqui In Photos

10 Jan

I’m not a big photographer. I find it distracts me from what is actually happening in front me, instead of talking to people, interacting with what’s going on, I’m hiding behind a camera, thinking about how to get a good shot. Then when I get home I look at my memory drive, fresh with 100 photos from the previous day; I copy the photos to my hard drive, but then they languish there for weeks before I get round to picking out the best ones. It’s not a greatly enjoyable or efficient process, and one I generally skip.

However, the beauty of the digital age is that there are thousands of people who like taking hundreds of photos a day, organising them and then putting them on the web for all to see.

Below are some photos of Nuqui by Luis Perez. They are not the most professional photos you’ll see, but they give you an idea of what Nuqui is all about:





The Unique Sights and Experiences of Panama

15 Apr

Panama is a nation rich in history and tradition. Once a shipping gateway for Spanish gold and a haven for famous swashbucklers like Henry Morgan, the country is now a world-renowned recreational paradise filled with amazing natural sights as well as extraordinary man-made attractions like the Panama Canal. While in Panama, hotels like Veneto Panama can arrange a variety of tours that will help you take advantage of all the tourism opportunities that are available to you. Many visitors to Panama don’t realize that, less than an hour away from the capital, you can find breathtaking beaches on both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts and ecotourism excursions to Panama’s rainforests as well as world-class golf, fishing and diving.

Bocas Del Toro

Bocas Del Toro is a region of unparalleled natural resources and its rain forests are considered very important in the development of Eco tourism. Located on the Panamanian part of the Caribbean, it’s also ranked as one of the best scuba diving spots in the world. The Isla Bastimentos Marine National Park located here is the country’s first national marine park covering 32,682 acres. One of Panama’s most beautiful and important marine habitats, the diversity of the marine species and coral reefs make it an ideal place for diving. Also located here is Bird Island. Although it looks like just a giant rock in the middle of the ocean, it is of vital importance in the preservation of the ecosystem as migratory birds travel great distances to rest here. Depending on the season, the island is home to as many as 50 different species of birds.


Many travelers say that when you go to Chiriqui, you are transported into paradise. Chiriqui boasts rivers of crystal clear water flowing into magnificent waterfalls, beautiful beaches and thermal pools known for their healing powers. The tropical rain forests and the “Baru” Volcano are a breathtaking sight .The La Amistad International Park World Heritage Site by UNESCO is the last of the primordial forests in Central America and the National Marine Park of the Gulf of Chiriqui showcases the splendour of many different coral reefs and their marine life.


It may surprise many visitors that Panama has mountains but the majestic mountains of San Blas, Bagre, Pirre and Sapo rise from 4921 to 5905 feet above sea level. The Darien National Park is considered one of the most important natural reserves in the country.  Occupying most of the province and covering 1430 acres, it was declared a World Heritage Site in 1983 by UNESCO. Most notably this area is home to the Harpia Eagle, which is Panama’s National Bird. In fact, this ecosystem is known as one of the world’s best areas for bird watching. Inside Darien National Park, there are also the remains of a fort that protected the Spanish entry to the gold mines of Cana.

San Blas

San Blas is the region where the women wear the famous multicoloured molas. Molas are regarded as one of the most sophisticated crafts from Latin America and is classified as one as the most beautiful indigenous costumes in the world.  They are made from brightly coloured cotton fabrics with geometric and abstract designs reflecting daily life embroidered on them. They also have items made of pure gold that the women use to adorn the garments. The chaquira necklaces are also produced in the region. This area is characterised by the fact that the people keep true to their customs and traditions; so much so that tourists are only allowed into the areas by permission of the chieftain or by permit.

Panama City presents a fascinating contrast between historical and modern, from the famous Bridge of the Americas to the Historical ruins of Old Panama, which was destroyed in 1671 by the pirate Henry Morgan. The city center is characterised by narrow alleys and brick streets surrounded by colonial buildings, historical ruins of the first city, museums, and churches. But, in addition to the many interesting sights to see in Panama City itself, there are also many unique sights and experiences to be found outside of the city.