An Introduction

17 Mar

I feel it’s only right to start this blog by giving some kind of idea of its purpose. There’s a million blogs out there and there surely has to be reason for this one to exist. The trouble is the more I think about a defined existence for this fella here (for it will be a masculine blog) the less clear it becomes. This has led me to only one conclusion, I’m surely on the road to find out. This may or may not involve rediscovery of one’s self via the Bible ala Cat Stevens at the end of his song, but I’m damn sure it should be interested.

At the moment there are only but a few certainties regarding this journey:
1. It will start in Rio
2. I will reach Buenos Aires mid-April
3. I will be mostly sleeping on couches, using the hospitality of the South Americans wherever possible!
4. I will not be using any guide books. I think travelling without guide books can really open you up to new experiences, and forces you to ask people as many questions as possible. Curiosity is king!
5. I will be documenting all this through my blog. However, in addition I am taking my laptop and a microphone around with me. Hopefully I will be able to pick up the sounds of Sudamericano and maybe sing a few tunes too!

Next post will be coming soon!


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