Like a wandering jew

4 Apr

It is my 10th day in Floripa, and my final day. It´s now time to do my best Cain impersonation and get the hell outta here. These are the places I stayed:

  • Pousada do Marujo, Barra da Lagoa – 3 days of nothing. Essential.
  • Albergue do Pirata, Costa de Dentro – chilled out surfer dudes. Churrasco with Bavarians. Some of the most peaceful beaches on the island
  • Geziel e Paula, Trinidade ( – time to explore. Made it my mission to trek to the most far out beaches in the island and succeeded. I also got expertly fed by Paula and by Geziel´s mum, who was having a cataracts operation but used her one eye perfectly to guide food in my direction
  • Murilo and the house of the forest ( – it´s a house. It´s in the forest. There is a never ending supply of cats and a tiny bassett hound. This place was almost perfect. The only thing preventing perfection: I never did get to try out that triangle.
Getting drunk with the Bavarians. Spot the grumpy dutch girl

Getting drunk with the Bavarians. Spot the grumpy dutch girl

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  1. TuhFausaNut April 20, 2009 at 11:24 pm #

    Hello, please, need your help.
    What happens when drunks are asked to walk in a straight line?

    Thenks, bro. I am vaiting for answer!!!

  2. TuhFausaNut April 22, 2009 at 4:46 am #

    Yo!. Just some question. Realy, need your help.
    Wahat is the difference beer, rum, brandy, whisky?

    100 times thenks. I am Waiting for answer!!!

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