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15 Sep

It seems I have been a little bit quiet. There are two reasons for this; gin and cachaça. After spending five days in the mountains of Petropolis and Teresopolis I headed to Rio once more, where Fabiola kindly said that I could stay with her and her sister. There seemed no better present than a bottle of gin. It was soon devoured on the Friday night.

After that we started drinking beer and this seems to have killed my memory. I remember going to a house party in a favela, but remember very little while I was there. My camera was full of pictures of the kitchen of the house. I have no idea why. The next day Glenda came round and we started drinking gin again. Things were far less reckless on this night, plus I think Fabiola got upset when I went out to buy ice and came back with a bin liner full. I tried to explain that I only wanted a small amount but they must only sell to bars because they only wanted to give me a whole sack. Plus, I thought it might be funny to come back with so much ice. Maybe this is where English humour doesn’t travel so well.

After Rio I headed to Ilha Grande, where I spent all day in the water. Perfect, clear water. Then the storm started. Everyone had to go inside. The next morning I left.

I have been in Trindade for a week now. I’m helping a hostel improve their website in exchange for accommodation. They have also been providing me with food and cachaça, plenty of it. Caipirinhas and Gabrielas are de rigeur. And my head has been spinning ever since. Today it is raining so we are having a games day. Time to refuel.

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