When Couchsurfing does not seem like the best idea in the world

28 Dec

I think I am going to have to find another home! The Dutch guy has gone too far now. I just arrived back at the house after a date to find Ulysses alone here at the house. I had bought a carton of apple juice which I had just opened. I plonked it down on the table and the next thing I heard was “is it okay if I finish off the apple juice, there’s only a little left anyway?” The bastard drank the whole thing. Then he talked a load of shit for about half an hour which I really can’t remember, something about maps. Then he asked me about the date and realised he’d met the girl at the xmas eve and was quite happy to tell me that the girl was not even good-looking and so maybe it was just nice for me to go on a date with anyone. I thought she was one of the better looking girls there. Then he popped into the kitchen and walked out with all the food I’d bought and cooked last night on his plate and started piling it into his face, without even thinking of asking me if it’s okay to finish this one off. All this after just 2 hours sleep and I really think this is going to have to motor me onto another couch. Plus, he left the water pump on and now there is water pouring through the ceiling. Although I think this is more of a structural problem and don’t want to blame him too much for this one!

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  1. Shane February 22, 2010 at 9:01 pm #

    wow. Sounds like fun a fun guy to be around (ha). We just had a similar experience, I was supposed to have a german guy stay on my couch when I checked his couchsurfing profile one last time before he arrived to find his last host had put some scathing comments up – he’d started his own religion, thought he was the messiah, and called everyone a fascist for not believing him! Then he through out all the food in the house because it was apparently bad for him.
    Needless to say I made up a pretty good excuse to get out of that one. A douchebag move I know, but worth it for the sanity.

    Really enjoying your blog!

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