Out and about in Porto

5 Aug

I figured it was about time I did my tourist thing and got out with my camera here in Porto. So far I have made it a habit of having a general walk-around, scoping out the area, which almost always leads up to sitting in a cafe drinking coffee, then beer, then having a bit of cake, then going home to have a rest. Anyway, this time I did it proper. These are a few of the sites in Porto:


Clerigos Tower – this was originally the tallest structure in Portugal, but that was in 1763 and a lot has happened since then


Kids playing in pool opposite the city hall


Livraria Lello – possibly the oldest bookshop in the world, although I might be making this up


Walking up the hill to Clerigos Tower – the tower used to look over the whole of Porto, acting as a guide for sailors


Couple of old guys passing the day outside one of the many churches in the city. This one was Igreja do Carmo


Another church – Igreja do Trindade

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