New series of Ecuadorian films focus on migration

30 Dec

Three Ecuadorian films to be released in 2011 will focus on the increasing trend for its people to migrate away from their homeland. Among these films are Fernando Mieles’ Promoteo Deportado, Rabia by Sebastian Cordero and Carl West’s Zuquillo Express, which is the odd one out of the three, being something of a comedy. There’s a really interesting article about these three films, as well as this increasing trend for migration, at BBC News. Here is an extract:

Following a huge financial crisis at the end of the 1990s, thousands of Ecuadoreans were forced to leave their country and seek fortune abroad, mostly in the US, Spain and Italy. According to the government, three million Ecuadoreans currently live abroad – 22% of the country’s entire population. “[Migration] has been the most important experience – sociologically, culturally, emotionally, economically – for Ecuador in the last 15 years” said Oderay Game, film producer on Prometeo Deportado. Migration is an important phenomenon in the country, yet until recently it was not widely discussed. The success these three films are having seems to show a change in attitude.

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