Medellin to Cartagena by Bus

4 Feb

The big talking point on this bus journey was whether I should have gone at all. I was told nothing would be happening on the last night at Discos Fuentes for the Ondatrópica guys, just tidying up, that kind of thing. So I booked an overnight bus to Cartagena. No point wasting 13 hours of the day on a bus. However, they ended up having a listening party for the whole album, starting literally just as I left. Which meant not getting to party with some amazing Colombian musicians, including Fruko.

But anyway, really I wanted to talk about the journey itself. Essentially, there is just one thing you need to know about taking the overnight bus. For God’s sake bring a blanket or lots of layers. The bus drivers are sick individuals that feel more than okay in spraying freezing cold air down your next for the entire duration of the trip. It’s not pretty!

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  1. Amanadoguy July 6, 2012 at 3:45 am #

    Hmmmm, I’ve read more than one post on different blogs about Colombia saying it was very cold/air conditioned on a long bus ride in Colombia – depending on the length of the trip, it can be hot or cold – as you say, seems like it’s a good idea to bring layers to add/remove depending on the how hot or cold it is – should it be helpful, I’ve been adding more information about transportation on my Colombian blog at – includes info about Medellín, Cartagena, etc.

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